insys play

InsysPlay platform

InsysPlay is a complete platform for creating OTT solutions. Its main advantages are flexibility and modularity. InsysPlay is a comprehensive solution that allows running any video-related business via the Internet. It provides a range of features which make it easier to sell content, share video streaming such as TV programmes or event broadcasts, as well as to create and promote your own video-related website and app.

Platform superpowers

  • Upload content / Connect with stream

    Add as many video files as you like, fast and intuitively, all at the same time. Control the entire content processing and publishing procedure.

    You can:

    • Deliver source files in any format (QuickTime, ProRes, WMV). Our system automatically encodes content to the target format, which makes publishing on every device possible.
    • Upload as many files as you wish via the administration panel.
    • Review the content upload process from start to finish thanks to the progress indicator.
    • Enrich video material with metadata (eg. title, director, producer) – you decide how much, when and where.
    • Add films to whichever categories you have defined, making organisation of the video library efficient.
    • Select thumbnails to present the film within your service. Our system automatically displays a selection to choose from. If none are to your liking, simply upload your own image.
    • Publish your ready film to the Internet with just one click!
  • Manage and organise

    A fast and easy way to publish content. Create a content library and catalogue your films in the way you want.

    This functionality enables you to:

    • Categorise content and set catalogue parameters.
    • Create new categories, subcategories and catalogues which build a hierarchy within your base, thanks to which a coherent and organised film library will emerge.
    • Fast search, sort and preview a video library. To make these processes straightforward we have added a browser with text suggestions and the possibility to create your own filter parameters.
    • Add similar or related content automatically. Apart from films this includes articles or photo galleries. Editors are able to switch off the automatic mode and enter their own definition of related content.
    • Mark videos with keywords and tags. This makes searching and automatisation faster, and has a positive effect on SEO.
    • Preview video on a built-in player prior to publication.
  • Deliver to any screen

    Let users enjoy your video at any time, wherever they may be. Deliver to mobile devices and on Connected TV.
    We have experience in designing interfaces and dedicated apps for mobile devices. We offer:

    • Smart player. Thanks to its inbuilt platform and technology detection function, the InsysPlay player adapts to the browser of the mobile device.
    • Creation of dedicated applications for iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android and Windows Phone. We design mobile applications from start to finish, to be implemented separately or to widen existing services (by transferring the existing service to mobile devices) – all according to client needs.
    • Full integration with Connected TV, set-top boxes and video-game consoles. For users this makes it possible to view missed TV programmes (catch-up TV) and access VOD films, simply by using the remote control and TV screen.
    • We advise our customers how to use the multiscreen service in the most optimal way. We lead the project – from defining the requirements to the building of client apps.

    • We create entire ecosystems of services or perform single implementations on the existing solutions. Our company integrates the service with any customer service systems.

    • We enrich the multiscreen service with additional features that provide a better experience for users, such as TV schedules, a radio search engine and the ability to control the set-top box.

    • Deliver video to the most popular platforms (Silverlight, HTML5, Flash). Publish content via an smart player.

    In selecting the smart InsysPlay player, you will:

    • Receive a player which automatically detects the device it is on. It is able to adjust to various platforms and to browser technology (Silverlight, HTML5 or Flash).
    • Be able to customise your player. We can change the appearance of your player as you wish: from colour schemes through to dedicated graphical elements. What’s more, if you have a sponsor or need to integrate player image with a brand or product, we’ll be happy to brand it for you on request.
    • Gain access to additional bonus functionalities. Our intelligent player allows for the marking and extraction of chapters, soundtrack selection, subtitles to be added in any language, or enrichment with related materials.
    • Be able to select platforms where users can share video on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
    • Use tools to enrich broadcast. If you are broadcasting a live event using multiple cameras, make it possible for users to view from a number of angles, allowing them to switch between windows within one player.
    • Have the option to request a made-to-order player. We’ll create a modern player according to your individual requirements.
  • Monetise

    Run an efficient video advertising campaign. Manage advertising options within videos, categories, or across the entire library.
    If you want to run an effective video advertising campaign, make the most of our experience. We include:

    • A mechanism to make uploading adverts straightforward. In InsysPlay, adverts are uploaded in exactly the same way as video. You can also create catalogues and sub-catalogues, building an advert library in this way.
    • Tools to define advertising targets. Our platform enables you to set a detailed advertising plan. You decide on the type, number, time and limits of video advert screenings. You have the possibility to link adverts to a selected film, category, or an entire library.
    • A huge selection of advertising options. We offer all types of online advertising, including preroll, midroll, endroll and text overlay ads. We’ll match your player graphics to your sponsor/advertiser.
    • Tools to block skipping or missing an advert in the video player.
    • Reporting panel. We’ll collect information on user interaction with the video adverts shown in the player.
  • Secure the content

    Secure your content against piracy using Microsoft PlayReady DRM or Widevine DRM. We offer full integration with our solutions.

    In order to secure your content from unauthorised use, we provide:

    • Integration of Microsoft PlayReady and Widevine with all external platforms (Windows, Mac OSX, set top box devices, Blu-ray, TV sets).
    • Effective protection of video signal broadcast live online.
    • Full support for adaptive streaming.
    • Tools to define access to film parameters. With PlayReady DRM and Widevine DRM you can precisely set the maximum number of screenings.
    • Offline license. A license can be saved on a user’s computer, and films downloaded earlier may be played without going online.
    • Management of combined licenses. All DRM licenses received are linked to a base license. Any modification to this (renewal, termination) also affects the remaining licenses.
  • Analyse data

    Make the most of our reporting system. Collect data on user activity.

    We provide the tools to analyse data and create reports on activity. This means you can:

    • Generate general statistics, which can aid the evaluation of video effectiveness. We are able to define average times for viewing videos, the numbers of showings, or the level of transfers used.
    • Access to the detailed viewing statistics of individual videos.
    • Analysis of user interaction with the player. We possess highly detailed information on e.g., the number of switches to full screen, volume changes, the frequency of skipping video material, etc.
    • Collection of all data on hits: numbers, sources, etc. In cooperation with Gemius we are able to define precisely, for example, how many times viewers have started to play multimedia content, the number of times a film has been viewed in its entirety, or the number of sessions within any given time period. The incorporated calculation modules present gemiusStream statistics instantly via the interface.
  • Optimise service

    Optimise the platform according to real data and keep the content layout updated on your website.

    With statistics about your videos, you can change their arrangement at any time so that they generate even more views.


The focal point of our InsysPlay platform is the Software Development Kit (SDK). This is a set of programming and logistics tools and solutions, best practices and documentation, enabling ready-made OTT solutions to be built and deployed.

It includes the following components:

  • backend solution;
  • client API;
  • frontend (web) application backbone;
  • mobile application backbone;
  • administrative panel;
  • guidelines and documentation.

All services you may need

  • UX

    Our specialists will analyse your needs in detail and help you clarify your aims. Using the latest standards and research available they will design an interactive model. Numerous workshops and consultations aid the creation of a functional prototype of your video portal.

  • CDN

    CDN provides the necessary stability and speed of signal reception by a very large number of users watching live broadcasts at the same time.

    CDN is a content delivery system that distributes the requested content to the user. The network databases, scattered throughout the whole of Poland, use geolocation to establish the geographical location of the user and send content from the nearest edge server, depending on the distance.

    Extensive and efficient CDN infrastructure also makes it possible to reduce the broadcast distance and waiting time, and additionally minimises the loss of data packets.

    Without the CDN technology, it would be impossible to distribute data via the Internet. Our efficient infrastructure enables the fast, stable transmission of live signals and content in storage.

    The CDN service is fully automated and monitored by our support team.

    To keep your OPEX down, we can deploy our private CDN in your network. Equally, we can fully integrate with the major CDN providers like Akamai or Level3.

  • VOD

    Video on demand allows you to watch videos by request at any time. Access to this feature is usually provided for a fee or is part of the purchased TV package. sVOD, tVOD and aVOD sales and advertising models are available.

    Video on demand is available on various platforms – STB, web pages or mobile apps. It is most often used for providing feature films and full seasons of TV series.

    The service enables intuitive and efficient content sharing and management.

    It also allows you to connect the ads delivered through the VAST standard, integrate with the existing adserver, or implement your own adserver system.

    Our middleware VOD module is fully integrated with the CDN service. This allows you to implement OTT or IP TV in new or existing networks.

    The VOD service can be offered in any sales or advertising model. It is possible to set the time range and the availability of content on demand. The service can be integrated with any CRM providers.

  • HeadEnd

    Access to encoded linear live channels – we are able to receive and process the source signal and then prepare it for use by end customers.

  • DRM

    Secure your content against piracy with DRM solution. We are a Widevine DRM integration partner and Microsoft PlayReady DRM service provider.

    It is a service that encrypts content, thereby protecting it from copying and unauthorised use. It is often required by the licensors for distributors of online films, owners of online cinemas and VOD services.

    The service is part of the software for the InsysPlay platform. We can make it available individually or add it to the implemented project.

    It can also encrypt a video signal sent live online. Our company was the first in Poland to transmit live with content secured by DRM. This was the broadcast of the Heineken Opener Festival in 2010. At the moment, we protect over 100 live channels with DRM solution.

    The service can be implemented both on web platforms and mobile devices.

  • App

    Hosting environment for applications – we have the network and server infrastructure through which we are able to maintain and deploy the applications developed by us on our servers.

  • Lab

    Test and development environment for all elements related to the delivery of videos – we provide reference streams so that our customers may verify whether they meet their needs.