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Reference implementations

  • nc+ GO

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    Customer: nc+ (ITI Neovision) is a Polish digital satellite platform, owned and operated by the French media company Canal+. nc+ was established as a result of the merger of two leaders in the market – CYFRA+ and n platform. It has over 2 million subscribers.

    nc+ GO is an application that gives access to approx. 90 live channels and hundreds of films, series and shows on demand for nc+ subscribers. nc+ GO already has more than 200,000 users.
    In addition, the platform includes features such as:

    • Notifications – the user can select the show he or she wants to watch, and the application will remind him or her about it through relevant notifications,

    • Back to the last moment – the application remembers the moment at which the user stopped watching a video and proposes to return to this point when the video is played again,

    • Sorting and creating a list of favourites – people who like to organise their favourite television content will be able to create their own lists and groups of shows; this applies both to channel streaming and the playing of videos from the VOD collection,

    • Connection with social media – the option to like and share content with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

    With nc+ GO you can watch your favourite channels and selected shows on demand – not only at home, but in any location. The app also makes it possible to use a mobile device as a second screen at home, so that several family members can watch their favourite shows at the same time. It was recognised by the jury of the Mobile Trends Awards by being nominated to the prestigious award for mobile technologies in the „mobile application – entertainment” category.

    The app is available for devices with iOS, Android and Windows Phone systems, and also for computers (Windows and OSX) via the website.

    Under the contract, Insys was jointly responsible for the UX design and wholly responsible for the encoding of LIVE channels and VOD content in MPEG-DASH, as well as the distribution of videos provided by nc+, signal protection (Google Widevine DRM and Microsoft PlayReady DRM), and the delivery and maintenance of backend for content management and statistics processing.


  • CANAL+ Sport Online

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    Customer: nc+ (ITI Neovision) is a Polish digital satellite platform, owned and operated by the French media company Canal+. nc+ was established as a result of the merger of two leaders in the market – CYFRA+ and n platform. It has over 2 million subscribers.

    Canal+ Sport Online provides Canal+ subscribers in Poland with access to all UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Barclays Premier League and Polish Ekstraklasa matches, as well as NBA games and many other sporting events, all via dedicated apps for phones and tablets running Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Via the multiscreen app, Canal+ Sport HD subscribers can also view live event statistics. The app has over 80,000 users. Canal+ Sport Online is the only app on the market that allows for watching the live broadcast of practically every sporting event available on nc+ channels. Up to eight games are even shown at the same time in the case of the Champions League, something not available via television broadcast. The user can also watch videos at any time related to sports events, which means highlights, goals, interviews and programmes prepared by nc+.

    All tools and technologies, including their implementation, were provided and developed by Insys. Through our online platform named InsysPlay we were able to create a comprehensive service in a very short time. Our platform is protected by Microsoft PlayReady DRM. This means that materials published under the license of Canal+ are encrypted and copy-protected. Special libraries – PlayReady DRM and Google Widevine DRM – are also used to protect data in dedicated apps for Android and iOS.

    The solution is made available through a very clear interface that emphasises quick access to the ongoing events through a special adaptive video stream format which adjusts its quality to the speed of the user’s Internet connection.

    The app for Android and iOS was nominated for Mobile Trends Awards 2014.

    The scope of the contract included: analysis of needs, functional design, UX design, graphic design, provision of infrastructure, implementation of apps on the website, Android (mobile, tablet), iOS (mobile, tablet) and WP8.

  • Strefa VOD

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    Customer: Strefa VOD (VOD Zone) is a multimedia online platform that offers access to a large library of films on demand. Strefa VOD UHD operating on the InsysPlay platform is the first app in Europe where feature films are prepared and available in 4K quality. More than 100,000 users are registered with Strefa VOD.

    The graphic design in the app was adapted to 4K resolution and adjusted to the size of the screens on which videos in 4K are distributed. The key element was to ensure an efficient and stable server infrastructure. The links at our disposal provide a capacity of several hundred gigabits. Our own CDN allows us to handle a very large volume of traffic. This aspect is extremely important because of the file size generated by 4K quality for feature films.

    Our platform is used to manage and support all distribution channels for Strefa VOD: the website, an app for Samsung Smart TV, as well as a mobile app for Windows 8, iOS and Android. All the films in the library are protected by Microsoft PlayReady DRM.

  • INEA Online TV

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    Customer: Inea – a cable television operator offering telecommunications services to over 200,000 inhabitants of the Wielkopolska province (Poland). The operator offers digital (SD and HD) and analogue television, fixed and mobile Internet access, and also fixed and mobile telephony.

    INEA Online TV is an app running in a multiscreen service to enable the broadcast of television programmes online, on computers and mobile devices, regardless of the time and place.

    Inea Online TV is one of the first implementations of a multiscreen service by TV operators in Poland. INEA subscribers can watch selected programmes outside the home – on the website or via an app for phones and tablets.

    The base feature implemented in INEA Online TV is EPG (electronic programme guide) – a list of channels offered by INEA together with their broadcast schedule. The currently transmitted programmes are separated visually to make it easier for users to navigate and utilise this view.

    Users who are not subscribers of INEA can only benefit from the basic version of the app, meaning the ability to browse the EPG. There are many more features for subscribers who sign in to the app. First of all, they are given the opportunity to watch over 60 TV channels on their mobile device within the INEA range.

    Furthermore, the app allows you to create a list of favourite programmes, as well as to set and receive notifications about important episodes or games on your smartphone. Subscribers who sign in can also use INEA Online TV to remotely record a film or series to their decoder, and then watch it at a convenient time on TV at home.

  • Ninateka

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    Customer: National Audiovisual Institute (NInA)

    The tasks of the National Audiovisual Institute are to record the most valuable events of Polish culture, to digitise cultural heritage, and to execute a programme aimed at preserving, expanding and sharing the collected materials.

    Our cooperation with the National Audiovisual Institute began in 2013. Since then, we have jointly implemented new projects to digitise Polish culture.

    Videos posted on the website are viewed almost 2 million times per year.

    In cooperation with the National Audiovisual Institute we have already implemented eight collections on the Ninateka website. In the most recently deployed Theatre Collection we focused on new information architecture and graphic design. The user can get a full set of high-quality, relevant information and unique content about Polish theatre in one place. In addition to recorded shows, we provide additional materials in the form of documentaries, comments, information about the director and films associated with him/her. With the integration of the media archive system, all the data for the Theatre Collection are automatically entered for each performance directly from the system. The collection consists of more than 50 recorded drama shows and 25 radio dramas, all of which are complemented by descriptions, comments and audio-visual materials that indicate the various contexts and interpretive clues. Knowledge is provided to the user in an expert-but-accessible manner, so that Ninateka is an excellent tool for promoting culture. has won two national awards for the best website available for digitally excluded people. Our developers have made efforts to ensure that the site meets the requirements of WCAG 2.0 at level AA.

    Insys is responsible for the comprehensive implementation of the project, from strategy to maintenance and development; it designs solutions for the online TV platform and developed the InsysPlay platform.

    In the project for the National Audiovisual Institute we focused on usability and easy operation of the website on every screen. We applied responsive web design so that, depending on the size of the device, the website automatically changes display parameters.

    We also launched a feature that enables the creation of playlists. With one click on a track the user can add it to the music list and play it. Since the audio player that we deployed runs in the background, the user can perform several tasks simultaneously on the website through his/her computer or mobile device.

  • Cineman

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    Customer: Cineman is the first online cinema in Poland based on VOD technology. Cineman VOD on Smart TV has a rich library of films presented to more than 100,000 viewers in the highest quality (HD and SD).

    Our task for Cineman was to prepare the graphic design, features and usability of the video platform. In accordance with the customer’s wish, the design style refers to cinema before the era of multiplexes. Atmospheric small rooms, red chairs, a distinctive costumed usher, Marilyn Monroe and ubiquitous neon lights ensure a sentimental journey back in time.

    In the case of the Cineman project we developed film-displaying technology, provided encoding, encryption and the delivery of licenses, and integration with the payment system (credit card, online transfers and SMS micropayments). We created an extensive administration panel to manage content, users, payments and advertising. As the PlayReady Service Provider, we developed a DRM system that effectively protects against the copying of services.

  • FilmBox

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    Customer: SPI International

    For over twenty years, SPI International has been one of the main distributors of films and television programmes in the international market. SPI currently distributes 16 TV channels on four continents and offers an attractive library of VOD content. The channels of SPI International reach more than 25 million subscribers in total. SPI uses the latest technology, so that viewers around the world can enjoy easy access to the offered products.

    The Filmbox Live app is a service for watching TV channels live and providing immediate access to VOD content on any device connected to the Internet. The app has over 100,000 users.

    A Filmbox package must be purchased to access the app. This can be done through the set-top box. The customer pays for access together with the payment for the TV/Internet.

    We used our transcoders and PlayReady DRM protection features for converting video files. We added an advanced search facility and categorisation of metadata containing information about films. In addition to the delivery of technology, our task was to design the user interface and graphics. We wished to ensure that the appearance of the app on set-top boxes went hand in hand with its usability. We have categorised films, launched a search engine, and provided tools to filter films by title and director or actor’s name.

  • Netia Telewizja Osobista TM

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    Customer: Netia SA is one of the largest – and fastest growing – independent telecommunications operators in Poland. It provides comprehensive, integrated and user-friendly online solutions. The number of active customers of television services in the segment of individual customers exceeds 160,000.

    Netia Telewizja Osobista TM is Netia’s TV service. We have put together a whole IP TV solution with middleware, a CDN network, a DRM solution and encodes. We have been working with Netia on a regular basis on the implementation of successive services and apps for set-top boxes. With Chmura Osobista (Personal Cloud) on Netia Player, users can access their files using the TV set. The TV Shop app makes it possible to modify old programmes and purchase new programmes available from the TV range of Netia.

    Many apps developed for Netia have been designed by our designers. One example is the Netia Player Pilot, which allows users to control Netia Player decoders in a convenient and intuitive way. Netia subscribers also have access to the apps of one of our other partners – the National Audiovisual Institute. Thanks to Ninateka, they get access to thousands of audio-visual materials related to Polish culture via Netia Player.

    The Premium+ app is addressed to subscribers of the Premium+ package and provides access to films and TV series broadcast on Canal+ in the Catch-Up TV model.